Kanotix persistent USB-Stick (and how to boot it on a MacBook)

This video (bad quality, shot with mobile-phone) shows two things:

  1. How to boot a Mac with a Kanotix Live-USB-Stick (if you do not have a Kanotix Live-USB-Stick yet then check out Hybrid-ISO with embedded USB-Stick ImageWriter if you are running Mac OS X, or Live USB Stick for other systems)
  2. How to make a running Kanotix Live-USB-Stick persistent, i.e. all your changes on the live-system will be saved to the stick and will stay persistent if you reboot or plug the stick into another system. This is of course independent of the "booting on a Mac"-stuff and works the same way on all other supported systems)

Those features described above are included in the latest kanotix64-TrialShot-Image (kanotix64-acritox-trialshot-120227a).