• integrated gfxoverlays (nvidia 295.20 + 173.14.31 + 96.43.20 and fglrx 11-11)
  • GRUB2-bootloader live + "Disable cache for huge files"-patch
  • Bootable via GRUB2-EFI (live, included in ISO9660)
  • All-in-One hybrid-ISO for PC (GRUB2 in MBR and El Torito), EFI-PC (GRUB2-EFI on FAT partition and ISO9660) and Mac (GRUB2-EFI on hidden Apple-Partition-Map/HFS+ partition): ISO can be booted both from DVD and USB-stick; non-HFS EFI-partitions are now hidden from the Mac OS Bootloader
  • hybrid-ISO feature: USB-stick with hybrid-ISO can be made persistent from the live-system
  • Kernel 3.2.0-17.27kanotix1 (+aufs3 +ndiswrapper 1.57), linux-firmware 1.71
  • Debian Squeeze backports enabled
  • Iceweasel 10.0 + german l10n
  • AcritoxInstaller 0.2.24
  • LibreOffice 3.5


kanotix64-acritox-trialshot-120227a.iso (1523 MB)
kanotix64-acritox-trialshot-120227a.iso.zsync (see zsync)

Changes since kanotix64-acritox-trialshot-120217a:

  • gfxoverlays are now generated independent of the kernel of the buildsystem
    nvidia updated to 295.20, fglrx-version downgraded to 11-11
  • Kernel 3.2.0-17.27kanotix1, linux-firmware 1.71
  • new hybrid-ISO feature: USB-stick with hybrid-ISO can be made persistent from the live-system
  • non-HFS EFI-partitions are now hidden from the Mac OS Bootloader (by f***ing up the directory-entry in the EFI-FAT-partition; needs to be tested on different machines, might not be supported everywhere...)
  • AcritoxInstaller 0.2.24 - small fixes