Andreas LoiblHi! This is my website where I share news about my work on Kanotix, HowTos, ideas and new developments, and - probably most important - unofficial test images where you can try the latest features and updates for yourself. If you are looking for official Kanotix releases and infos check out the Kanotix website and Kanotix at Distrowatch. For support try the Kanotix Forum or IRC on irc.freenode.net, Channel #kanotix (my nickname: acritox) 

Have fun with Kanotix!
Andreas Loibl (acritox)

Nightly builds

Nightly builds are automated builds every night of the latest development code of KANOTIX and with the latest packages from the repositories.

This process is fully automated, they are not tested at all, so be warned and expect them to have bugs or be completly broken from time to time...

You can find the images at: http://nightly.kanotix.acritox.com/

Kanotix @ LinuxTag 2014


new kanotix64- and kanotix32-trialshots:

Kanotix Dragonfire LinuxTag 2013


Kanotix Dragonfire LinuxTag 2013

As announced earlier on the official Kanotix website we have released Kanotix Dragonfire at the LinuxTag 2013 in Berlin:

Kanotix Dragonfire is based on the recently released Debian 7 (wheezy). Beside KDE as default desktop environment beginning with this release exists a lightweight alternative with LXDE as desktop environment.

Check out the full Release Announcement at kanotix.com for more details and download links.


new kanotix64- and kanotix32-trialshots:



Kanotix Hellfire & Dragonfire Preview 2012-05

Kanotix Dragonfire Preview 2012-05

As announced earlier in the LinuxTag 2012 highlight-report Kanotix offers an update release for Hellfire and a preview to Dragonfire:

Kanotix Hellfire 2012-05 is based on the current Debian stable release (Debian "squeeze" 6.0.5) with KDE 4.5.5, whereas Kanotix Dragonfire Preview 2012-05 is based on the upcoming Debian "wheezy" 7 (with KDE 4.8.3 backports) and offers a preview to the next major version of Kanotix.

Check out the full Release Announcement at kanotix.com for more details and download links.

KDE 4.8.3 and XBMC backported for Debian wheezy (Kanotix Dragonfire)

I've updated my KDE 4.8 backport for Debian wheezy to KDE 4.8.3 - as usual it contains amd64 and i386 packages and it's now based on the Kubuntu quantal KDE-packages.

Another addition to the Kanotix Dragonfire repository is XBMC with PVR, its xvdr-addon and vdr-plugin-xvdr:

XBMC Main Menu XBMC LiveTV

apt-get install xbmc xbmc-addon-xvdr vdr-plugin-xvdr
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