• Kanotix Dragonfire: Debian Wheezy + KDE 4.8.1 (own backports)
  • Kernel 3.2.0-18.29kanotix1
  • Multi-Hybrid-ISO with GRUB2 as bootloader and extended isohybrid-acritox features:
  • integrated gfxoverlays (nvidia 295.20 + 173.14.31 + 96.43.20 and fglrx 11-11 [fglrx is probably broken, I don't have any hardware to test it])
  • AcritoxInstaller 0.2.24
  • LibreOffice 3.5

KDE 4.8 backport for Debian wheezy (Kanotix Dragonfire)

I've added a repository for the Kanotix release based on Debian wheezy, Codename "Dragonfire", and backported KDE4.8 there:

sources.list entry

# Kanotix Dragonfire (with KDE4.8-wheezy-backport by acritox)
deb http://kanotix.acritox.com/debian dragonfire main kde-backport
deb-src http://kanotix.acritox.com/debian dragonfire main kde-backport


Note: I just tried out building an image with some new stuff: live-build 3, wheezy, KDE 4.8, ... - it's not tested and not intended to be actually used or installed, so do not expect any further support or updates for this ISO...

  • Hybrid-ISO with GRUB2 as bootloader (Note: embedded GRUB2EFI is x64, but this is a 32bit ISO, so it probably won't boot with EFI... hybrid-USB-stick live-partitioning should work though it's broken)
  • Kernel 3.2.0-1-686-pae (+ndiswrapper 1.57 [dkms])
  • Debian Wheezy + Zevenos-Neptune Repository (KDE 4.8)
  • AcritoxInstaller 0.2.24
  • LibreOffice 3.5
  • built with live-build 3

Kanotix persistent USB-Stick (and how to boot it on a MacBook)

This video (bad quality, shot with mobile-phone) shows two things:

  1. How to boot a Mac with a Kanotix Live-USB-Stick (if you do not have a Kanotix Live-USB-Stick yet then check out Hybrid-ISO with embedded USB-Stick ImageWriter if you are running Mac OS X, or Live USB Stick for other systems)
  2. How to make a running Kanotix Live-USB-Stick persistent, i.e. all your changes on the live-system will be saved to the stick and will stay persistent if you reboot or plug the stick into another system. This is of course independent of the "booting on a Mac"-stuff and works the same way on all other supported systems)


  • integrated gfxoverlays (nvidia 295.20 + 173.14.31 + 96.43.20 and fglrx 11-11)
  • GRUB2-bootloader live + "Disable cache for huge files"-patch
  • Bootable via GRUB2-EFI (live, included in ISO9660)
  • All-in-One hybrid-ISO for PC (GRUB2 in MBR and El Torito), EFI-PC (GRUB2-EFI on FAT partition and ISO9660) and Mac (GRUB2-EFI on hidden Apple-Partition-Map/HFS+ partition): ISO can be booted both from DVD and USB-stick; non-HFS EFI-partitions are now hidden from the Mac OS Bootloader
  • hybrid-ISO feature: USB-stick with hybrid-ISO can be made persistent from the live-system
  • Kernel 3.2.0-17.27kanotix1 (+aufs3 +ndiswrapper 1.57), linux-firmware 1.71
  • Debian Squeeze backports enabled
  • Iceweasel 10.0 + german l10n
  • AcritoxInstaller 0.2.24
  • LibreOffice 3.5

Howto embed b43-firmware into Kanotix Live-USB-Stick (with Mac OS X)

Some MacBooks have Broadcom Wireless which needs unfree firmware to work (which cannot be included by default). Therefore the latest kanotix64-TrialShot Hybrid-ISOs allow you to put a b43-firmware-file onto the FAT-partition of the Stick. Because FAT is also supported by Mac OS X and Windows this is quite easy...


AcritoxInstaller is a Qt4 frontend and a bash backend to install debian-live-LiveCDs like Kanotix.

It is based on acritoxinstaller 0.1, which used Qt3/KDE3 for its frontend, but is completely rewritten.

Kanotix Hybrid-ISO with embedded USB-Stick ImageWriter for Mac OS X

My idea how to make it really easy for Mac OS X users to create a bootable USB-Stick with a live-system on it:

easy, isn't it? ;-) the next 64bit TrialShot-Image will have this feature included, if you have a Mac you may try it out. 

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